El trabajo de Elizabeth Vásquez en fotos

Photo 1: Constituent Assembly Advisor
Leading constitutional debates on cultural sovereignty with social movements.

Photo 2: Trans-ethnic Dialogues
Fostering discussions on ethnicity, sexuality and shared agendas with
the Afro-Ecuadorian Women's Movement "CONAMUNE".

Photo 3: Art-Law Collaboration

At Xavier Muller's studio, recording the bilingual rap: Real vs. Fake
with Joey Hateley.

Photo 4: Legal Patroller

With F. La José Ramírez (president of La Y Association) and other
transgender street sex workers on a regular Patrolling night.

Photo 5: "Artivism"

With Pascal Hannoun and Jeiko Rodriguez: FTM activists and members of
the Trans House who collaborated with some of the performances within
the project "Gay Wedding".

Photo 6: Different Bodies

With paraolympic fencing champion Gema Hassen-bey, fostering
cross-cultural dialogues with the movement of people with

Photo 7: Media Appearances
Sharing the work of Project Transgender with the media.

Photo 8: Activist Training
"Sexual Diversity and Political Discourse": Transfeminist Activist
Training Program at the Trans House.

Photo 9: White Heels for Life

Coordinating campaign against hate crimes on the basis of gender
identity with street sex workers and members of the Legal Patrol.

Photo 10: Police Trainer
A workshop on gender-sensitive police procedures within the project:
"Police and Transgenders: A Dialogue that is Indeed Possible".

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